First topics for CONFidence 2018 confirmed!

Here are the first subjects that will be coverd during this year’s edition of the conference:

  • Google’s journey with CSP and what’s next (Michele Spagnuolo, Lukas Weichselbaum)
  • 30 przedstawień jednego aktora – polskie kampanie malware w 2017 (Adam Lange, Adam Haertle)
  • Everything’s Connected aka Threat Intelligence 102 (Marcin Siedlarz)
  • Pentesting Voice Biometrics Solutions (Jakub Kałużny)
  • Attacking web servers via run time configuration (Eldar „Wireghoul” Marcussen)
  • From 123456 on a staging to compromising a multi-million dollar VC (Himanshu Sharma, Aman Sachdev)
  • Hunting for the secrets in a cloud forest (Paweł Rzepa)
  • Myth Busters: The DLP Edition (Ido Naor, Dani Goland)
  • Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) under the hood (Adam Zabrocki)
  • Disrupting the red team – a practical guide (Ed Williams)

We’re going to talk about voice biometrics, threat intelligence, cyber criminals, and data leaks, among others. Check out the list of speakers, who will share their skills & experiences on stage:

Call for Papers is coming to an end – if you want to join the speaker’s team, apply until 28 February! Learn more here: 


Speak in front of hundreds of people! Call for Papers

All those security problems you’ve faced, unique solutions you’ve come up with, completed challenges, and detected threats… If you have loads of experience as an IT security professional, now it’s time to pass it to others! Here’s the easiest way – speak at CONFidence 2018.

What you have to do to perform on our stage?

Apply for Call for Papers – email us at and include your personal details (name, email, bio & photo) plus topic and short description of the presentation. Your entry will be evaluated by our Program Committee (results up to two weeks after the CFP deadline – 28th February).

Need more information?

Visit Call For Papers section on our website. We’re waiting for your application!

A new, buzzy venue! Polish Aviation Museum

As CONFidence grows bigger, we need more air, don’t you think? And what better place to find it than next to over 200 unique aircrafts, a real airstrip, and actual air sheds?

This year we’re aiming really high – that’s why the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow is a perfect spot for our conference! We’re preparing for you comfortable lecture rooms, and lots of networking space with cool planes to check out during the breaks. And some exciting activities, too!

What will a lecture next to an aircraft look like? Come and find out yourself!