Early bird tickets and new speakers

First Speakers of CONFidence 2019 are here!
And they are awesome!

Adam Haertle
Editor in chief of an infosec portal, journalist, researcher, lecturer, and trainer. Former ISACA Poland and CSA Poland Board member. A regular speaker at security-oriented conferences, big fan of security and privacy who does not always follow his own advice.


Adam Lange
Information security professional with strong experience in malware detection, analysis, and prevention. Keeping an eye on clients assets in one of the largest Polish financial institutions, architecting, developing and maintaining security systems and software.


Piotr Konieczny
As part of Niebezpiecznik.pl, he manages a team performing audits and penetration tests of ICT systems and conducts trainings for administrators and programmers in the field of computer network protection, as well as the creation of secure web applications.


Michał Purzyński
He leads the Threat Management and Incident Response at Mozilla. His team hunts threat actors and helps to protect hundreds of millions of Firefox users. He designed and created managed security services on a data center scale, and moved to Mozilla to continue making bad guys life’s miserable.


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Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!