Why would a bank hack itself? IT Security in Finance covered at CONFidence London

London is the capital of finances, an industry most vulnerable to cyber attacks. That’s why the first UK edition of CONFidence conference is taking place here on 4 October 2018. This is a truly unique event on the local market.

First conference of this kind on Fintech and IT security in Finance

Program of the conference in London is addressed to a specialized group of professionals, such as hackers who defend or attack financial institutions on a daily basis, or specialists responsible for security strategies. All presented knowledge origins from case studies, thorough research, and years of experience. Speakers will use real-life examples and present stories of actual attacks.

„The subject of IT security is invariably very important both for traditional market participants (banks, insurance companies) and fintechs (online transfers, micropayments, mutual loans), which have recently been developing very dynamically in the UK” – says Wojciech Dworakowski, Managing Partner at SecuRing.

Why finance? The answer is simple. “The financial industry is the most vulnerable to cybercriminals’ attacks” – says Adam Haertle, editor in chief of Zaufana Trzecia Strona, one of the most popular IT sec services in Poland. ”As London is the center of global finances, we decided to focus on that sector”.

Technical talks from two perspectives – offensive and defensive

Agenda of CONFidence London is divided into two separate tracks – offensive and defensive. This will allow attendees to see the bigger picture and learn about these issues in a comprehensive way.

Adam Lange, Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Team Manager in one of the largest Polish financial institutions, describes the program. “Participants will be able to get deep-dive knowledge about attacks (offensive), methods of their detection and counteracting (defensive) and current security trends in the financial sector. It will also be a great opportunity to make new contacts in the IT security industry and exchange experiences”.

Top IT sec experts on stage

Speakers will discuss current topics and present real solutions for people working in the finance industry. Wide range of highly specialized subjects and variety of approaches guarantee a perfect overview of the current situation on the market. On stage: Peter Kruse (CSIS security Group A/S), Aman Sachdev and Himanshu Sharma (BugsBounty), Sang Sik Lee (Financial Security Institute in South Korea) and Pedro Fortuna (Jscrambler), among others.

Hacking voice biometrics and strategies for corporate security officers. Case-studies of phishing of financial institutions and of an authorised attack on VC and its investments. Step-by-step attack evaluations of financial systems and vulnerability analysis methods for pentesters. Web application vulnerabilities on examples from financial sector. Banks’ perspectives on detecting and fighting customer’s device infections. These are only the first few topics that will be discussed during Confidence London.

„If you want to hear how breaking into a bank looks like in 2018 – CONFidence London is for you” – sums up Michał Purzyński, leader of the threat management team at Mozilla.

A new event with unique approach and strong background

CONFidence originated from Poland with previous editions held in Krakow, Warsaw and Prague. Starting from the position of the oldest, one-of-a-kind event for IT security industry, CONFidence developed into a meeting of international specialists.

All those who want to learn why a bank would hack itself are invited to join CONFidence London in autumn. Details can be found at: https://confidence-conference.org/london.html


Coming to CONFidence London with a team pays off!

We believe that maintaining security requires strong teamwork and collective up-to-date knowledge.  If you really want to be effective in your daily struggle with security, take your whole team to CONFidence London!

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