Special workshops for students!

CONFidence is all about education – this conference is not only for specialists, juniors are welcome, too! This year we’ve prepared a special program for students (middle school, high school and up). 

Check out the details of the program here: https://confidence-conference.org/warsztaty.html

You can take part in an open panel discussion on starting career in IT security with experts such as Piotr Konieczny (Niebezpiecznik.pl), Michał Purzyński (Mozilla) and Adam Zabrocki (Microsoft) and an open demo lesson with Michał Bentkowski (Sekurak).

This will be followed by interactive workshops for those who want to learn more, with specialists from SekurakMichał Sajdak and Michał Bentkowski. The entry fee is only 40 pln and there are still some spots left!

Community Corner – check out our mini-track!

This year once again we’ve teamed up with our partner communities and created the Community Corner! It’s a separate „mini-track” with brief presentations prepared by their representatives. Join them for lots of knowledge, quick talks and laid back discussions in a smaller group 😉

Community Corner starts on Monday (4 June) after lunch. The program is available on our website.