How to convince your boss to invest in CONFidence 2018?

Did you know that CONFidence is the oldest conference of its kind in Poland? With such a significant history, it’s also definitely the coolest one – offering multiple networking opportunities along with a significant dose of first-hand knowledge on latest IT security topics. Unique atmosphere makes it easier to meet and learn directly from world-renowned specialists, discuss current state of the industry, and run successful business meetings.

If your boss likes charts, show them the stats below:

Below you’ll find top reasons for participating in CONFidence 2018.

On 4-5 June 2018 over 900 specialists from Poland, CEE, and remote destinations all around the world will meet at Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow to discuss the future of IT security industry. The market is ever-changing – if you want to stay up to date, join us!

Why is it worth to take part in the 16th edition of CONFidence?

CONFidence is a local conference with international range. Speakers from all around the world present the latest threats and solutions, specialists discuss local issues, share their hands-on experiences, and solve everyday problems together. Attending CONFidence is great opportunity to learn from the best, meet interesting people, and gain valuable contacts in IT security industry.

Top benefits from attending CONFidence 2018:

  • Participate in technical talks and workshops covering main topics. No marketing presentations, only a serious amount of useful, deep-dive cases.
  • Listen to speakers who perform on international conferences and deliver the most current content possible. Don’t miss anything that’s important right now!
  • Take part in live coding sessions, benefit from multiple real-life examples, and discover new solutions.
  • Improve your effectivity at work by applying gathered knowledge to your everyday routine.
  • Meet and learn new skills from IT security experts who represent companies such as Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google.
  • Exchange experiences with other representatives of the industry, see for yourself how’s your competition doing, and what’s trending right now!

At CONFidence 2018 you’ll be able to meet in person experts such as:

  • Adam Haertle ( and Adam Lange – „30 przedstawień jednego aktora – polskie kampanie malware w 2017″
  • Aman Sachdev and Himanshu Sharma ( – „From 123456 on a staging to compromising a multi-million dollar VC”
  • Michele Spagnuolo and Lukas Weichselbaum (Google) – „Google’s journey with CSP and what’s next”
  • Adam „pi3” Zabrocki (Microsoft) – „Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) under the hood”

If you consider yourself a member of IT security community and want to learn everything about the latest findings in just two days, don’t hesitate. Now you have all the strongest arguments that show why attending the upcoming edition will be beneficial for your company. Convince your boss that YOU should be going to CONFidence!